Trucking Insurance in New Jersey

Avoiding an accident is an automatic response for drivers, but no matter how careful we are on the road, the inevitable happens. For you as a company owner with trucks ferrying either your cargo or goods for other people, we offer you the guarantee that even if a fatal accident occurs, you will not go out of business.

Through Insurance Concierge, we cover different trucking operations in New Jersey and the surrounding areas. We provide protection for various vehicles such as:

  • Tank trucks
  • Refrigerated box trucks
  • Roll-on vehicles
  • Garbage trucks
  • Bulk commodity trailers

To cover your truck, we require all documents concerned with the nature of your business, the area your truck covers, the driver’s license copies, and records from the road safety department. We also provide federal as well as state fillings in our offices. Some of the fillings we provide to our clients include; ICC, Form E, and BMC34.

If your truck gets into an accident, we provide a comprehensive coverage that will protect your vehicle, driver, and all the third parties involved. The only thing you have to do is ensure your policy is active and up to date.

We also provide a cargo coverage that ensures that while your truck is on the move, loss or damage of any goods being ferried will be compensated. The products may belong to your client or may be yours, but regardless, we cover this risk whether you are in Linden, NJ or any other street of New Jersey.

Insurance Concierge trucking insurance is here to keep you on the road. Visit our website, stop by our office in Linden, NJ, or use our online rating tool service to get more information on our insurance options.