Rideshare Insurance in New Jersey

Insurance Concierge is a Linden, New Jersey-based insurance agency. We understand the importance of adequate auto insurance coverage. That is why we are offering rideshare insurance cover for Lyft and Uber drivers.

Why you need a rideshare insurance

  1. Inadequacy of standard policies
  2. Personal insurance and auto insurance only cover you and your vehicle against injury and damage on the assumption that you are not driving it for business. When you go ridesharing, three things are likely to happen:

    1. Your personal insurer will drop you.
    2. Increased premiums on auto policies and related coverage you are considered a high risk by insurance companies.
    3. Limited or no insurance coverage.
  3. Limited rideshare company coverage
  4. There are three periods considered in rideshare policies:

    • Period 1: When the driver is online but has no ride request.
    • Period 2: The time between accepting a ride-request and picking the passenger.
    • Period 3: The driver is online, and the passenger is in the car.

Uber and Lyft introduced insurance coverages for their rideshare drivers. However, this policy only covers you during the 2nd and the 3rd periods. Therefore, as a driver, you have no collision coverage during period 1. Besides, Uber or Lyft have low liability limits during this time frame.

Since at the first period you are covered by neither personal insurance nor your rideshare company, you are most at risk. It is at this point that Insurance Concierge’s rideshare insurance cover comes in. We bridge the gap by taking care of you during this high-risk period.

Our rideshare policies

Period 1 coverage only: With this policy, we only cover you at your most vulnerable moments.

Comprehensive cover: It guarantees you a peace mind by covering all round the clock irrespective of the period.

Call or visit our Linden, NJ offices for a free rideshare insurance quote. Additionally, you can visit our websites and have a free quote or contact us to schedule your visit.