Renters Insurance in New Jersey

Having renter's insurance means you are protected if accidental damage or loss of your belongings happen at the home you are renting, whether that is an apartment, townhouse, condominium, home, or any other rental housing. It is important to have adequate coverage to meet your individual needs and Insurance Concierge in Linden, NJ can help achieve this.

Exterior vs. Interior Insurance

The landlord of a rental property provides insurance to cover damage or other problems with the exterior of the building. However, that does not cover anything that happens to your personal belongings inside the rental property. The person renting the home is responsible for obtaining and paying for this type of renter's insurance. Although details may vary from state to state and New Jersey has its own specifications, this insurance typically covers issues such as theft of personal belongings inside a rental and damage from fires or weather disasters.

State-by-State Differences

Each state typically has its own stipulations regarding what type and amount of insurance is required for renters. New Jersey has its own requirements for rental insurance although there is not a legal consequence. Individual rental dwellings often have certain requirements too. For example, some apartment complexes require all residents to have adequate renter's insurance. This may also be the same in the event of renting a home.

What's Typically Covered

Renters' insurance usually covers any items you own that are lost or damaged in an incident, whether that is burglary, weather-related damage, or other events. Preferably get a policy that covers the replacement cost of the items you own. A renter's policy can cover other issues beyond your belongings. This includes liability coverage that is often required in instances when a person who does not live at a rental residence is injured while on the premises.

You may have questions or need more information about your renter's insurance options, and at Insurance Concierge in Linden, NJ, we are here to help. We can also provide further details including a quote. Please stop by our office, or contact us via phone or email to discuss your requirements and what insurance is available to meet your needs in New Jersey.