Contractors Insurance in New Jersey

When you start your own business, it is important that you take the right steps to make sure your investment is safe. As a contractor, you, alone, are financially responsible for any unforeseen issue that comes your way. For example, if you are sued, a lawsuit could result in financial ruin. Contractors insurance will protect your business from going under due to any type of devastating incident. The agents at Linden, NJ based Insurance Concierge are here to help.

Benefits of Contractors Insurance

Another benefit of having a contractor’s liability policy is that you are more likely to gain new clients. Many prospective customers look for insurance when choosing a contractor for a big project. They want to know that you have sufficient coverage in the event of an accident on location at a worksite. It would be very difficult to win a bid unless you are covered and that is if you are even allowed to make a bid without a policy.

Types of Contractors Insurance

When choosing contractors insurance, it may be confusing as to which policy would be the best option for you. The main types of policies are:

  • Primary General Liability - This insurance will cover any services or compensation in the event of a lawsuit that claims you have acted negligently. It will protect you from financial loss due to lawsuits or claims.
  • Owners Interest - This insurance will cover any loss that your other policies should cover, but, for some reason, will not.
  • Lead Umbrella Liability - This insurance policy will cover anything that your current policy does not. It is covered up to the limit of the policy amount.

New Jersey contractors located in Linden should contact Insurance Concierge for more information on policy options. It’s never been easier to connect with an insurance agent and start picking his or her brain about the different options available to you. For a quote, stop by our Insurance Concierge location at 607 W St Georges Ave. Linden, NJ or call (800) 989-0753 to speak with a knowledgeable team member.